Friday, July 3, 2009

Perfect You

Title: Perfect You
Author: Elizabeth Scott
I.S.B.N.: 978-1-4169-5355-5

I’d had this book on my Amazon wish list forever and a day, but had just never bothered ordering it; there was always something else that I wanted more than it, so, when I was on holidays in Easter of this year, I came across it in Borders so I decided to buy it. I was really shocked when I read it by how much I liked it! It took me utterly by surprise, it was so different to those typical ‘oh woe is me; my parents are splitting up/best friend is ignoring me/guy I like hates/hearts me type novel even though it includes all these topics.. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and I’ve passed my copy to four different people, all of whom had the same opinion of it as me, a teen romance with a difference.

Kate Brown is your average teenager. She is a good student, good not great, she’s normal looking, i.e. not grossly disfigured, and is not a complete and utter loser, though has no best friend due to unfortunate circumstances involving a summer in Maine and a dramatic weight loss. I like Kate because she is not one of those typical Mary-Sue characters, you know the ones; drop dead gorgeous with a weird name (Raven, Ever etc.) but is sadly a misunderstood loner for some unknown reason. Kate reacts to situations the way I would often react to them myself which makes her so much more relatable.

This book has many laugh out loud bits, mostly involving Kate’s Dad and his seemingly endless supply of Perfect You vitamins, but it also has bits that will have you near tears (note I say near as opposed to in tears, this isn’t a sad book). The romance angle of this book is done very well though ever so slightly predictable though there are a few good twists thrown in. Through the course of the book we see Kate and Will, the guy who sits in front of her in biology, go from making out alongside the trashcans behind the mall to an actual relationship. Kate seems to be the only one who is oblivious to how he feels about her (aren’t they always?).
Overall a good girly summer read, though a tad predictable at parts.

Rating: 7/10

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